Brand Assets

This page exists as a reference for the proper use of the following branding assets, all uses attributed to an official partnership must be approved by VENIM's Executive team. The following resources may only be used in press publications, competitions, and unofficial campaigns benefiting and or further promoting VENIM.

Brand Logo

What do the colors in the logo represent?

The muted red and teal colors used in the "V" and "M" negative space of our logo are exact colors from Craig Fong's (now vintage) Crosslé 32F and Ford Motor Formula Ford race cars after decades of aging. The pairing also symbolize the concept of Redshift and Blueshift; the shifting of light as objects in space move closer or farther away from us.

Safe Space

The logo requires a boarder of that is free of imagery and text surrounding it. Use half the Icon’s height to determine the minimum amount of safe space that should surround the logo. If copy appears below the logo, you should measure safe space of 30 pixels from the bottom of the logo to the beginning of the text.


When embedding and centering the logo, the "®", registered trademark symbol should not be taken into account of the total pixel width of the logo. Exclude this symbol from total width calculations.

What not to do with the logo

Here are some examples of what not to do with the logo:

  • Rotate or disproportionately stretch the logo.

  • Invert logo or remove the "®" registered trademark symbol.

  • Draw a box or other shape around the logo.

  • Outline logo or add a stroke edges.

  • Add a pattern or image without approval.

  • Use colors other than those provided.


Logo Assets

Simply copy/paste these true-sized logo assets in your choice of "color" or "black". For 300 dpi or higher, print-quality assets, please email

VENIM Logo Official Color

VENIM Logo Official Color

VENIM Logo Official Black

VENIM Logo Official Black

VENIM Logo Official Black


Team Photo Assets

Simply copy/paste these true-sized profile photos. For 300 dpi or higher, print-quality assets, please email

VENIM Founder - Leslie FongVENIM Founder - Kaycee Houchin