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How VENIM’s Custom Denim Jackets are Shaking Up the Denim Industry

From the original article by Sarah Maberry When VENIM co-founders Leslie Fong and Kaycee Houchin joined forces to found their California-based streetwear brand in 2018, they decided to go against the status quo of the denim industry from the very start. The result: custom denim jackets that fuse a timeless Americana aesthetic with forward-thinking design details.   American-made denim is deeply rooted in tradition, stuck in the grey space between timeless wardrobe staples and modern streetwear. Though almost everyone wears its products, the denim industry as a whole has an outdated approach to fashion. By sticking to a classic all-American look...

The VENIM Story | Our Interview with The Closs

The Closs interviews VENIM founders Kaycee Houchin and Leslie Fong about the story behind the luxury denim jacket brand and what it means to be an "essential" category.

An Intro to VENIM - Custom Denim Jackets for the Next Generation of Consumers

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