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How VENIM’s Custom Denim Jackets are Shaking Up the Denim Industry

From the original article by Sarah Maberry When VENIM co-founders Leslie Fong and Kaycee Houchin joined forces to found their California-based streetwear brand in 2018, they decided to go against the status quo of the denim industry from the very start. The result: custom denim jackets that fuse a timeless Americana aesthetic with forward-thinking design details.   American-made denim is deeply rooted in tradition, stuck in the grey space between timeless wardrobe staples and modern streetwear. Though almost everyone wears its products, the denim industry as a whole has an outdated approach to fashion. By sticking to a classic all-American look...

An Intro to VENIM - Custom Denim Jackets for the Next Generation of Consumers

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